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Launch of the UNDP Global Human Development Report 2020 in Sri Lanka

I reiterate UNDP’s commitment to supporting Sri Lanka to define and operationalize its national development plan in a way that is underpinned by Green Development thinking, with consideration for…  

World Tourism Day 2020

Together, we can plan for a greener, safer and resilient tourism sector. Blending public resources with the expertise of private sector industry experts, and the commitment of the informal sector who…  

Gender Peace Initiative - Supporting Women Entrepreneurs in Kurunegala

As your children and those around see you acting as role models, they too will strive to work even harder and be successful. Show them that it is possible to achieve big things.  

Statement by UNDP Resident Representative on 16 Days of Activism

This event marks a way point on the journey through the 16 days of activism. Before I come to the theme of this year, let’s reflect on the color ORANGE. Why orange?  

Recovery Project Inception Workshop

Exactly one year ago, heavy rainfall and high winds triggered by the Southwest monsoon caused severe floods and landslides in May 2017 which affected 15 districts in the Southern and Western provinces…  

Statement by UNDP Country Director- Development Partners Meeting for Comprehensive Youth Development Program (CYDP)

Today’s generation of young people is the largest the world has ever known. All around us, we see that there are challenges of creating enough jobs and opportunities for all due to growing…  

Statement by UNDP Country Director- Technopreneurship for Social Change

An entrepreneur is a person who identifies an opportunity, converts it into a product or service, estimates earnings and profit and builds a successful business with it. A technopreneur starts out…  

Statement by Deputy Country Director at the launch of the Citra Social Innovation Lab

It was in 2016 when we first developed the idea of establishing Sri Lanka’s first Social Innovation Lab. Two years later, here we are…..launching the Citra Social Innovation Lab.  

Statement by Resident Representative in Parliament on Localizing the 2030 Development Agenda and the SDGs

Sri Lanka’s efforts to commence in-country discussions on how to localize the global agenda is commendable. The efforts taken by the Parliament, by appointing a Select Committee on the 2030 Agenda,…  

Statement by UNDP Country Director a.i. at Aadhayam 2017

It gives me great pleasure to address the opening of Aadhayam 2017. This is not only a celebration of the success of small and medium entrepreneurs supported by UNDP and our partners but also a…  

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