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GEF VI Tourism Project

Managing together: Integrating community-centered, ecosystem-based approaches into forestry, agriculture and tourism sectors  

Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) Phase II

The Biodiversity Financing Initiative (BIOFIN) project, with the inputs of experts on biodiversity financing have identified several innovative financing options available for Sri Lanka to mobilize…  

Transforming Tourism in Sri Lanka

Transforming Tourism in Sri Lanka. Emerging from crisis as a strong, resilient and rebranded industry  

Strengthened Parliament and Commissions (SPC)

Support to Parliament and Independent Commissions to strengthen to perform core functions for improved accountability and inclusivity  

Climate Promise

UNDP announced it would leverage its extensive climate portfolio and scale up urgently-needed support for NDC enhancement in 100 countries, working in close collaboration with UN system partners (e.g.…  

Business and Human Rights

In Sri Lanka, working with government, civil society and businesses, UNDP B+HR Asia supports awareness raising, capacity building, and policy coherence in the implementation of the UNGPs, including…  

Capacity Development for Local Government

Support to public engagement and strengthen local government service delivery and infrastructure  

Peacebuilding and Transitional Justice

Support to Strengthen capacities to undertake reforms to advance peacebuilding and transitional justice processes in Sri Lanka.  

Improved Access to Justice

Support to improve access to justice by strengthening key justice sector institutions and empower beneficiaries to access the system  

Promoting Reconciliation

Promoting Reconciliation in Sri Lanka through strengthening processes and mechanisms  

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